Corporate-Insurance Fraud Investigators Reno

Elite Investigations, private investigator of Reno, are confident and adept at conducting corporate investigations. Our corporate investigations ensure that the business is abiding by the law through its operations, and the employees of that business are maintaining their own integrity toward the business’s’ assets.

Corporate investigations aid companies in uncovering/finding the truth in, loss or theft of money, leaking of private information, exploitations of the company network, infringement of intellectual property, harassment claims, physical conflicts in the workplace, and much more. The manner we conduct these operations tailor to our client’s needs.

The private detectives of Reno have at their disposal the resources to conduct an undercover investigation, provide due diligence checks, install and monitor surveillance, consult on the placement of surveillance to ensure the workplace is sufficiently monitored, conduct forensic accounting, etc.

Forensic accounting reveals the movement of money within, the incomes, and the expenses of the company. It can reveal illegal activity, grafts, bribes, evasion of taxes, financing of illegal groups, and outright theft of company funds. Elite Investigations also utilizes computer forensics.

Computer software reveals software installs, if computer security features were disabled, deleted files, passwords, movements of the mouse, and the restoration of files and emails. Elite Investigations is present to provide your business with the knowledge it operates within the boundaries of the law, that your employees are honest possessing integrity, putting your mind at ease.

Insurance Fraud Investigations by the Private Detectives of Reno

Elite Investigations uncovers deception in insurance claims often. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud released an estimation that eighty billion dollars is paid out every year over fraudulent claims. These fraudulent claims cause higher premiums for the American household making this issue one that affects not only the immediate payer of these claims, but everyone with insurance.

The types of fraud include the exploiting of insurance companies that deal in life insurance, health care, property insurance, and automobile insurance. Essentially all insurances are open to this exploitation and there are individuals who will take advantage. The private investigators of Reno are thorough in their investigations. For health care, individuals will file false illnesses to receive care they do not need. Often these individuals will exaggerate an injury for monetary gain.

Investigating worker’s compensation claims requires investigators to confirm the injury, its severity, and cross reference that with the claim to ensure accuracy. Life insurance claims, if thought fraudulent, will be verified that the person the insurance was filed for existed, and are deceased.

The Private Detectives of Reno here at Elite Investigations pride themselves on diligence. Our expertise in dealing with corporate and insurance fraud is evident through the various means we apply to uncover the truth. If you are at all worried that an individual in your corporation is causing a hostile work environment or engaging in illicit activities do not hesitate to contact us. If you feel an individual is deceiving an insurance company do not hesitate to contact us. We, the private detectives of Reno, are detectives you know and trust.