Elite Investigations Reno employs and trains native Nevadans who know the area very well. If you need information to make important decisions in your personal life, our private detectives are on your side. We specialize in obtaining actionable evidence in difficult cases, such as cheating partners, missing persons searches and pre-marital & pre-dating investigations. Find out what you need to know with a free consultation from the leading private investigators in Reno.

Suspected Infidelity

Elite Investigations private detectives in Reno specialize in obtaining actionable evidence in difficult cases. Whether it’s spousal surveillance, background checks, premarital or predating investigations, assets research, civil and criminal records research, electronic detection and countermeasures or a missing person search, Elite Investigations Reno can help solve your problem.Although there are many telltale signs of infidelity, the biggest factor in choosing a private investigator is that gut feeling telling Clients that something is “off” in the relationship. Generally speaking, our experience has proven that when Clients have gone to the trouble of researching and/or contacting a private investigator to surveil a spouse or partner, they have reason to do so.If you are concerned about your partner’s commitment to you, do not hesitate to contact the premier private investigators of Reno, Elite Investigations.

Missing Persons Searches

Locating a missing person, or performing a “locate,” can be helpful for a number of reasons, whether it be looking for a long-lost relative, a witness, or finding a person who owes a debt. In order to do so, we carefully comb through thousands of databases not available to the general public. When submitting a request to perform a locate, please provide us with as much information about the Subject as possible, such as previous cities, counties and states or residence or old phone numbers, etc.

Pre-Marital & Pre-Dating Investigations

Premarital or Predating Investigations includes Assets Research and Civil and Criminal Records Research. When entering a partnership where money is a stake it is important to have the full picture. Misrepresentation can lead to disaster. Contact Elite Investigations Reno will uncover the truth before you make that important decision.