Our Private Detectives in Reno are highly trained professionals, who are well versed in tactics and regulatory compliance. They undergo extensive training to avoid entrapment, misrepresentation, trespassing, and invasion of privacy. Each investigator is fully equipped with state of the art recording equipment to obtain powerful evidence for your case. With more than 20 years of surveillance experience, you can rest easy knowing that our private detectives will handle your case with the highest level of discretion and expertise, and our compiled reports are fully admissible in any court of law.

Corporate Surveillance Investigations

These cases include, but are not limited to; worker’s compensation fraud, personal injury lawsuits, FMLA violations, legal investigations and infidelity.

Domestic Surveillance Investigations

When on the field, our private detectives will document your partner’s activity on video in most public locations (i.e. restaurants, casinos, clubs, shopping centers, etc.), while abiding all privacy laws. We know the Reno area very well, and that experience will serve you well. Should additional data be required, a formal report can be prepared to outline all activities, including those not captured on video.