Private Investigator Reno-Cheating Wives & Husbands-Spouses

Elite Investigations private investigators in Reno specializes in the investigation of cheating wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends. The fear of infidelity is almost as soul crushing as the act itself. Desecrating the vows, one took in marriage, or the implied social contract of courtship is a devastating experience. The breach of trust and intimacy is an awful thought to entertain. To provide you with definitive answers, Elite Investigations, private investigators of Reno, are able to help our clients find closure, and reveal the truth of their partner’s activities. There are various signs that a spouse is seeking courtship outside of his or her relationship.

A change in intimacy is one of the first signs of a cheating spouse. The personal contact between the partner will decrease in frequency. The physical contact had with that partner will be less in duration. As well, the affection felt during intimate will feel lower than usual. If intimacy feels like a chore for that partner, it could be a sign of infidelity. Another sign is a change of phone habits, or suspicious phone habits. If your spouse of significant other is leaving the room to take calls often, refuses to talk about the call, or doesn’t answer when you’re around, it is a sign of fidelity.

Text messages that are quickly deleted or kept secret are also a sign. If a significant other is always aware of their phone, and freak out when you possess their phone even for a second for an innocent reason, is surely a sign of infidelity. If a partner is altering their appearance significantly such as by changing style of dress, intimate wear, and paying more attention to grooming and personal hygiene, is a hint you may need to call the private detectives of Reno, Elite Investigations. Similar to secretive phone habits, internet use that is different from the norm is reason for suspicion.

The spouse or significant other will be secretive about their browser history and chat conversations. They will delete their browser histories often and minimize webpages when they fell someone besides them is in view of their screen. They may put a lock on their computer, or change the passwords to their account more often.

The significant other will have changes that are unusual to their work routine. Conferences and overtime will start appearing in their vocabulary more, and the time they spend home will be less and less. A change in bathing habits is another telltale sign. When a significant other showers at odd hours, or after they get home from “work”, it could be to cover up another’s scent. As well, if they are changing cologne or perfume that they use, it could be a sign that they are changing their smell to their other partner’s preference.

Cheating isn’t uncommon, and it could happen to you. Working on your relationship with your significant other and being communicative about each other’s needs and wants is the greatest bulwark against infidelity. If you are concerned about your partner’s commitment to you, do not hesitate to contact the premier private investigators of Reno, Elite Investigations.