Background Screenings

Elite Investigations is also experienced in performing background checks and asset searches. Certified with the FCRA, our detectives are experts in conducting thorough background checks. Our recovered data provides employers with critical information that can be used when choosing to hire, partner or work with another individual in any capacity.

Why run a background check?

Background checks generally confirm the name, social security number, criminal records, civil records, driver’s license information, professional affiliations, professional licenses, bankruptcy records, liens, judgements, property deeds, and evictions, among other information when available.
The following are legal limitations to what background checks can reveal in Nevada and actions against an individual based upon information from those checks.

Asset Searches

Private Detectives Reno are experts in the field in conducting asset investigations. Our searches include researching property ownership, corporation/business ownership, outstanding liens and judgements, and recreational ownership. Banking records can be obtained only if you have a judgement or have ongoing litigation for damages.