Armed/Unarmed Security RENO

Check out our Armed/Unarmed Security availability. When you are throwing an event, perhaps you have thought about having security. We offer both Armed/Unarmed Security to meet our client’s needs. While an event might be a reason to hire a security officer, some businesses prefer to have Armed/Unarmed Security for their daily operations. There are many reasons for hiring an Armed/Unarmed Security. However, if you hire one yourself rather than go through an agency like ours, you will have more of a headache. You will have to find replacements for when they go on vacation, which we have a service for that as well. We take pride in being affordable and reliable for our Armed/Unarmed Security clients.

Having an Armed/Unarmed Security present says a statement. You mean business. Security in this day and age is important for everyone. Parking lot security allows people to feel more safe leaving their cards behind, knowing that it is being watched over. It also will help keep the people you don’t want in the lot out. What is the difference between Armed/Unarmed Security officers?

Unarmed officers will only be dressed for the part and carry some way of communicating. They are there to hold the peace should things get heated but do not carry any type of lethal weapon. Unarmed officers may have tear gas or pepper spray that they can use in the case of an emergency. They are there to deter crime but have also been trained on how to detect criminal activity and report it to the proper authorities.

Armed Security Guards for Hire.

Armed security guards will carry lethal weapons such as a gun. If you are looking for personal protection, an armed security guard is a great option.  Many celebrities and CEOs hire armed security guards to protect both themselves and their loved ones. They are trained to use their weapons in a safe, yet effective manner.  Our armed security guards will have extensive training in various areas from weapon handling to spotting issues in the crowd.

Most of the time a security guard’s presence is enough to maintain order.  Most of the time this is really what people hire a security guard for.  If you are having a large event or have a parking lot that you would like to secure nightly, we are here to help.

We also offer security guards for personal protection. In fact, our security guards have worked with many celebrities as well as CEOs of some of the largest companies in the world. When it comes to protection, we have you covered.  We offer Armed/Unarmed Security services as well as surveillance and other investigative services.  Give us a call today.

Let’s keep Reno safe.  Our investigative services help people determine if their spouses are cheating.  They also can investigate insurance fraud and other crimes.  We are here to help you get to the bottom of things. Our investigative teams help those that have suspicions.  Call today and let’s take a look at the safety concerns you might be experiencing.