Elite Investigations of Reno handles corporate investigations all over the state of Nevada. We are corporate investigators specializing in insurance fraud investigations, car and auto insurance fraud, employee theft, and much more. We have a team of private investigators Reno banks on. Threats to corporate security take many forms, each of which requires a strategic response capable of managing the outcome. We are the best trained & equipped private detective agency in Reno.

Corporate Insurance Fraud Investigation

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that eighty billion dollars is paid out every year on fraudulent claims, causing an increase in premiums for honest, law-abiding Americans across the country.We have years of experience working with insurance companies and law firms when an individual’s insurance claim is suspected of fraud. If an individual is faking or exaggerating an injury for monetary gain, we will be there when it happens, with cameras rolling. At Elite Investigations, we are experts at uncovering insurance fraud through detailed an irrefutable video surveillance.

AOE/COE Interviews

Private Detectives Reno are specially trained in the field of conducting unbiased and neutral interviews with those involved in any incident. We gather facts and present the evidence to our clients for any of their case needs.While each case is different, we are specialized in obtaining interviews with Claimants, Employers, Witnesses, and other entities involved with the incident.

Electronic Surveillance

With more than 20 years of surveillance experience, you can rest assured that Elite Investigations will handle your information gathering needs with discretion and a level of expertise that ensures full admissibility of all findings in any court of law, should that be required. While our investigators are available for court appearances, the compelling and irrefutable nature of our video and investigative reports generally precludes that circumstance.